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Submission Guidelines

Information for UM Program Managers

Please read these guidelines before filling out the Program Entry Form. They highlight some of the benefits of having your UM program(s) in the directory. These guidelines also provide you, as managers of UM state outreach programs, with information about the types of programs that are desired for inclusion in this directory. They also inform you how to submit a program.

Types of Programs Included
How to Submit a Program
How the Directory is Maintained


The Michigan Outreach directory (MOd), formerly called The Community Assistance Directory, contains an online database created and maintained by the State Outreach group of U-M's
Office of the Vice President for Government Relations. It is a public service designed
specifically to connect Michigan residents with resources and programs of the University
of Michigan.

This database will allow you to showcase your U-M outreach efforts and offer the
public a variety of simple searching or browsing tools to easily find programs as well as
accessing additional resources offered by your department.

We have expanded the scope of the database from offering just a description of each
outreach program and a link to your website, to giving program managers the opportunity
to offer links to their event calendars, lectures, podcasts, newsletters and/or videos.

Types of Programs Included

Professional outreach efforts conducted by U-M faculty and staff, and most student-run
outreach sponsored by a school/college, will be accepted for inclusion in the Michigan
Outreach directory.

Each entry must be a current U-M Program offering information and/or assistance to
the general public. For instance, the Athletic Mouthguard program provides custom
mouthguards to all U-M athletes and the United States Olympic Development Hockey
Teams located in Ann Arbor. That represents a closed group and would not be available to the "general public". However, they also offer free custom mouthguards to any student
athlete once a year. It is that component of public service that we look for in our database
entries. Even if the program was only offered to student athletes from an Ann Arbor school, that would still be general enough to be welcome in the directory.

Some examples of programs you will find are:

1. Consulting services for business and government;

2. Healthy lifestyle promotion (e.g., youth fitness) and the prevention,
diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases, including research programs;

3. Legal assistance for individuals and/or groups;

4. Consumer information (e.g., automobile purchases, transportation safety
research information, etc.);

5. Early childhood through grade 12 education (e.g., K-12 in-school
activities, minority student college preparations and/or recruiting, lesson
plans and ideas on the Internet, distance learning, etc.);

6. Community/continuing education for professionals or the general public
(all disciplines);

7. Summer Programs, Library services and Social services.

How to Submit a Program

Filling Out a Program Entry Form

The database is easily searchable by search terms, major subject areas, and/or schools/
colleges. You will be using a Web-based Program Entry Form to provide us with all of
the relevant information about your program(s) that is necessary to make these searches
possible. Most fields are required and are designed to improve the searchers' ability to
access your program(s).

When you have completely filled out the form and are satisfied with it, press the "Submit
Program" button at the bottom of the form. Once submitted, your form will be received
and reviewed by the manager for completeness and appropriateness to the purpose and

You can expect to find your entry in the Michigan Outreach within one to two weeks
(allowing time for the transmission and processing of your information).

If you have multiple outreach programs to add, use the “Submit another program” link
you will see on the confirmation page after your first entry is submitted.

If you are a U-M program manager with an outreach program you'd like included,
but neither you nor anyone within your unit wishes to receive outside contact,
the Office of State Outreach would be happy to serve as your contact point. If
this is your case, please contact the State Outreach Office at (734) 764-9256, or

How the Directory is Maintained

We want to make it as easy as possible for you, as program managers, to keep your
information current. We will send you an annual e-mail reminder to update your entry(s).
These reminders will include information about how to retrieve, edit, and re-submit
your current program entry form(s). If your program has ended and should be archived,
please notify the State Outreach group at michigan.outreach@umich.edu.

If, during the course of the year, you need to update any of the information in your entries,
please contact the State Outreach group at (734) 764-9256, or michigan.outreach@umich.edu.

Thank you for reading these Submission Guidelines. You're ready to submit a program
for inclusion in the Michigan Outreach Directory.