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College 101


College 101 is a summer program that introduces high school students to higher education through a series of unique experiences on the University of Michigan campus.

Held in late June, College 101 is a residential experience that introduces participants to college culture and life, as well as the benefits associated with attaining a college degree.

During the day, students attend a variety of academic presentations and informative programs and in the evening, students participate in cultural and social activities that give them a taste for life on a college campus.

College 101 prepares students for college while providing participants exposure to academic disciplines and related career options, as well as co-curricular and special opportunities available to college students such as study abroad, athletics, and leadership development opportunities.

Contact Information

Amy Prevo

Center for Educational Outreach
1214 S. University Ave.2nd Floor, Suite A
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2592

Phone: 734-647-1402
E-mail: aprevo@umich.edu

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Summer Program

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Center for Educational Outreach

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Ann Arbor

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Middle and High School (7-12)