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Dow Sustainability Fellows Program


The Dow Sustainability Fellows Program at U-M supports full-time graduate students and postdoctoral scholars committed to finding interdisciplinary, actionable, and meaningful sustainability solutions that make a positive difference in organizations worldwide. Key components of the Program include: Masters and Professional, Doctoral, Postdoctoral and Distinguished Awards for Interdisciplinary Sustainability. The Dow Chemical Company supports the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program. This program is part of the U-M Sustainability Initiative, which spans education, research, operations, and community engagement. Sustainability programs focus on solutions-driven scholarship and practice to safeguard the planet’s life-support systems and enhance quality of life for present and future generations.

Contact Information

Elizabeth LaPorte

625 E. Liberty St., Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: 734-647-6227
E-mail: elzblap@umich.edu

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Sponsoring Service Unit(s)

Office of the Provost

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Graham Sustainability Institute

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Ann Arbor

Subject Area(s)

Architecture & Urban / Regional Planning, Arts, Business & Industry, Communications, Community Assistance, Culture (American & International), Education, Engineering, Environmental, Health & Health Care, Law & Public Policy, Professional Development, Public Lectures, Science & Research