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Fundamentals of Harpsichord Playing & Repertoire


This workshop is designed for pianists and organists making a transition to the harpsichord and for harpsichordists wishing broad coverage of a wide range of issues. It will present: 1) the fundamentals of harpsichord playing: touch, articulation, phrasing, fingering, tempo, ornamentation and rhythm, as they apply across the range of harpsichord repertoire; 2) fundamental information about harpsichord repertoire: styles, genres, composers, editions, original sources, again cutting across the scope of the Renaissance and Baroque repertoire; and 3) the fundamentals of basso continuo accompaniment technique. Basics of tuning and harpsichord maintenance will also be discussed, as well the history of the instrument and basics about its construction.

Participants are asked to select in advance whatever harpsichord music they wish to play, to be working on, or to start work on during the workshop. Preparation can be on piano or organ if harpsichord is not available. Professor Parmentier wishes to communicate in advance with each participant to discuss the choices of music and to offer to assist, if needs be, in selecting music to bring, as well as to discuss their goals for the workshop generally.

Suggested purchases (not required for the workshop) of readily available harpsichord music includes: Francois Couperinis Last de toucher le claverin; Dover editions of F. Couperin, Froberger, Handel, Bach, Byrd (My Lady Nevells Booke) the Fitzwilliam Virgininal Book (2 vols.); Le Pupitre or LOiseaux-Lyre editions of the Louis Couperin; and Shirmer (and other) editions of Scarlatti.

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Edward Parmentier

University of Michigan
School of Music, Theatre & Dance
2005 Baits Drive Room 220
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2075

Phone: (734) 764-5429
E-mail: rcferg@umich.edu

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Music, Theatre & Dance

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