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Graham Sustainability Institute


The Graham Institute is a University of Michigan Provost’s unit fostering sustainability at all scales by leading stakeholder-centric activities that systematically bring together and harness talents across all U-M schools, colleges, and units. Our work spans: 1) Translational Knowledge – leading collaborations among academic, practitioner, and other stakeholder communities to advance scholarship and influence real-world decisions; 2) Transformative Learning – cultivating sustainability leadership by helping students engage across disciplines, experience diverse perspectives, think systemically, and pursue action-based learning throughout the world; and 3) Institutional Leadership – fostering sustainability excellence across U-M by leading discussions, planning, and coordination for university-wide sustainability strategies and activities.

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Michelle Getchell

625 E. Liberty, Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: 7342741631
E-mail: ahorning@umich.edu

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Architecture & Urban / Regional Planning, Arts, Business & Industry, Communications, Community Assistance, Culture (American & International), Education, Education: Higher Ed, Engineering, Environmental, Health & Health Care, Information Technology, Law & Public Policy, Science & Research