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Industrial Assessment Center (UM-IAC) & Michigan Industrial Energy Center (MIEC)


The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) in conjunction with the Michigan Industrial Energy Center (MIEC) will deliver a comprehensive integrated energy savings program to meet the goals of EPACT, EISA, and SB213. Together they will: (i) offer an intensive energy education and certification program for current and future industrial energy managers; (ii) assist energy intensive industries (medium-size & large) in the region by identifying, recommending and helping them implement specific measures to save energy, and (iii) help energy-intensive industries to deploy new energy-efficient technology. This will save energy, reduce waste, improve global competitiveness and also make the industries more environmentally friendly by reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. These centers hope to save jobs that are evaporating from manufacturing industries due to global competition. The centers are funded by DOE, Office of Industrial Technologies. The assessments are performed by a team of University of Michigan engineering faculty and students. It also helps provide engineering students practical experience.

Features of the program include:
1. Intensive energy education and certification program for industrial energy managers via the UM-distance learning program.
2. Help industries to deploy new energy-efficient technology.
3. On-site assessments at no direct cost to the participating industries by experienced engineering faculty and students.
4. The plant incurs no obligation to act on any recommendation and proprietary information is protected.

UM-IAC has recently been named as the Center of Excellence for outstanding contributions to industrial energy efficiency. Over the years they have saved 23×1012 (terra) BTU of energy and 1.3 million metric tons of the greenhouse gas CO2.

Contact Information

Arvind Atreya

University of Michigan
2044 GGB. Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Phone: (734) 763-7471
E-mail: lefrance@umich.edu

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Mechanical Engineering

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Business & Industry, Education: Higher Ed, Engineering, Environmental