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Institute for Fisheries Research (IFR)


The Institute for Fisheries Research is jointly sponsored by the School of Natural Resources and Environment and the Fisheries Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The Institute conducts applied research, state-wide and nation-wide, on problems of interest to the Fisheries Division. Subject matter includes dynamics of fish communities and populations in lakes and streams, habitat condition assessment, sport and commercial fishing, and effects of management activities on environment, fish, and fishing. Over 2000 reports on many topics are available to scientists, managers, and the public. Our website lists reports (some can be downloaded), current studies, staff members, and fishes found in Michigan.

Contact Information

Lizhu Wang

Institute for Fisheries Research
Museums Annex Bldg., Rm. 212
1109 N.University
Ann Arbor MI 48103-1084

Phone: (734) 663-3554
E-mail: wangl@michigan.gov

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Natural Resources & Environment

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Institute for Fisheries Research

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Ann Arbor

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Environmental, Science & Research