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Museum of Archaeological Anthropology (UMMAA)


The UM Museum of Anthropological Archaeology is one of the major archaeological research and teaching facilities in the United States. Several displays of the Museum’s collections are available for viewing at the University’s Museum of Natural Science or through the Museum’s website.

The website includes information on the current research activities being conducted by curators, staff, and students as well as virtual exhibits of several museum collections.

Curators are available for identification of materials found by the public. Appointments should be made with the program manager to arrange a time to bring materials to the Museum. No appraisals of materials for monetary value will be given.

Contact Information

Dr. Joyce Marcus

University of Michigan
Museum of Anthropological Archaeology
Room 4013
1109 Geddes Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079

Phone: (734) 764-0485
E-mail: joymar@umich.edu

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Literature, Science & the Arts

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Museum of Anthropological Archaeology

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Ann Arbor

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Arts, Culture (American & International), Science & Research