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Pre-College Programs


The Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives (OAMI) partners with Southeastern Michigan school systems in working toward the goal of enriching and enhancing the lives of students in their pursuit of learning. As part this goal, OAMI sponsors a variety of pre-college programs that work annually with over two thousand 7th-12th grade students who are underrepresented in post-secondary education. The focus of these pre-college programs is academic motivation, exploration of ethnic heritage, scholarship and achievement. These programs are designed to increase student interest and representation in higher education.

Activities range from campus lasting anywhere from one day to two-weeks and visits to schools in Detroit for the purposes of mentoring and tutoring. The programs engage a number of academic and non-academic units and involve the participation of UM students who help to design and implement activities for the programs.

Listed below are selected pre-college programs sponsored by OAMI. The goal of all of these specific programs is to increase student interest and representation in higher education by addressing specific needs of certain student populations.

King/Chavez/Parks College Day Visitation Program
Students are brought to the UM for a day long series of activities meant to be an introduction of admissions requirements and procedures, interact with UM faculty and explore career and higher education possibilities.

King/Chavez/Parks Summer Institutes
Participating high school students reside on the UM campus and participate in a variety of activities that give them an opportunity to learn about college life and introduce them to concepts consistently encountered in a college environment.

Seventh Generation Program
Designed for Native American students, this program is an introduction to different aspects of university life such as academics and admissions. The seventh Generation Program incorporates the teachings of the elders into the daily process of learning the ways to succeed at an institution of higher learning.

Project Lighthouse
Project Lighthouse consists of a series of day long programs designed to encourage academic success and at the same time explore ethnic identity issues. Programs take place on the UM campus and also within the partnering Detroit schools. A large focus is the development of mentoring relationships between UM and Detroit students.

Wade H. McCree Jr. Incentive Scholarship Program and the Summer Initiative Program
The summer initiative consists of a three-week summer program on the UM campus. Additional activities are held throughout the year for the high school scholars.

The Saturday Academy
This program provides weekly tutoring for Ann Arbor students.

For additional information on these programs, please feel free to contact OAMI or check out the OAMI web-site at http://www.umich.edu/~oami/

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