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UMSI Practical Engagement Program (Internships)


Organizations throughout the State of Michigan have benefited from the skills and knowledge brought to them by an intern from the School of Information.

Public libraries, City Clerk’s Offices, non-profit organizations, and corporations, large and small, have had UMSI students come in and apply information profession skills, which can increase and maximize the flow, organization, and capacity of information in any environment.

UMSI shows its commitment to students gaining experience and applying their skills in a way that is impactful to our society through our required internship Program. We require all students in all of our master’s degree programs to gain practical experience before graduation by participating in credit-based internships through UMSI’s Practical Engagement Program (PEP).

Hours and pay
• Students can work part time or full time in increments of 30 hours, with a 60 hour minimum per term.
• Pay is not required but is becoming more important in a competitive environment and is a critical factor in most students’ acceptance of internships.
• Pay and work schedule is negotiated between supervisors/mentors and the students.
• If the internship is unpaid, please let the student know early in the recruiting process.

Contact Information

Katie Dunn

105 South State Street
3368 North Quad
Ann Arbor, MI 48197

Phone: (734) 615-5066
E-mail: kgdunn@umich.edu

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