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University of Michigan Water Center


The U-M Water Center addresses freshwater and estuarine challenges to improve resource management. The Water Center engages multidisciplinary teams of researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and nonprofit groups to support, integrate, and improve current and future water restoration and protection. Through a collaborative and inclusive approach, teams address water quality, water quantity, climate, habitat, and other issues. Programs focus on water issues in Michigan, the Great Lakes region and estuaries throughout the nation. The U-M Water Center is part of the Graham Sustainability Institute, which fosters sustainability through translational knowledge, transformative learning and institutional leadership.

Contact Information

Elizabeth LaPorte

625 E. Liberty St., Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: 734-647-0767
E-mail: elzblap@umich.edu

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Graham Sustainability Institute

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Ann Arbor

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Architecture & Urban / Regional Planning, Engineering, Environmental, Health & Health Care, Law & Public Policy, Science & Research