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Michigan Impact

2012 Fall Issue


U-M’s impact on the state — and your region

Michigan Impact provides county-by-county, regional and statewide looks at how the University of Michigan is impacting the mitten state. From the number of students enrolled at U-M who come from our state (and the financial aid we provide) to the people we employ, to the Michigan companies we use to run our three campuses, the clickable maps offer information on our economic reach. Also featured are news highlights from both statewide and regional perspectives.

UM-Flint nursing program links with Alpena Community

Alpena Community College nursing students can now complete a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Michigan-Flint. Representatives from the two schools recently signed an articulation agreement, which enables ACC nursing program graduates to enroll in the UM-Flint nursing bachelor degree program.

"The classes offered at ACC are in a mixed mode format, with online and on-campus courses,” said Margaret Andrews, director and professor of nursing at UM-Flint. “We will provide opportunities for Alpena students to have face-to-face contact with UM-Flint faculty approximately every four weeks by rotating classes between Flint and Alpena."

A major focus of the agreement is to increase opportunities for ACC nursing graduates to complete a bachelor of science in nursing. According to Andrews, about 50 percent of the nursing workforce has a BSN or higher; she would like to see that number jump to 80 percent by 2020. Andrews also called for the doubling of the numbers of those nurses pursuing a doctorate.
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U-M-Flint named Engaged Campus of the Year

The University of Michigan-Flint was selected this year as the first recipient of the “Engaged Campus of the Year Award” presented by the Michigan Campus Compact.

"Faculty professional development workshops with service-centric ideologies are often scheduled to assure that service is at the forefront of curriculum,” said Chancellor Ruth J. Person. “We are proud of our efforts with community groups to seek funding for various projects that benefit our students and the community."

The Michigan Engaged Campus of the Year Award recognizes institutions of higher education for exemplary commitment to being an “engaged campus.” Applicants were judged according to criteria expressed in Campus Compact’s Indicators of Engagement. “Michigan Campus Compact is very excited to have presented the University of Michigan-Flint the Engaged Campus Award for their commitment to expand volunteering on campus and in the surrounding communities for the awards inaugural year,” said Renee Zientek, executive director of Michigan Campus Compact.
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UM-Flint a State leader in dual enrollment programs

The University of Michigan-Flint has a proud tradition of offering dual-enrollment programs to high school students in districts around the state and in 2012 the expansion of those programs led to a 50% increase over the previous year. UM-Flint faculty are now teaching college courses to high school seniors from throughout Livingston County. Credits earned are recorded on official UM-Flint transcripts as regular UM-Flint courses. Students completing the program earn a total of 12 credits, applicable to four-year degree programs at UM-Flint and potentially other institutions.

Agreements to provide similar programs have also been signed with Utica Schools. UM-Flint was one of the first to establish a full time high school on campus with the Genesee Early College and offer engineering programs in Lapper County.
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UM-Flint License Plate Sales to Benefit Student Veterans’ Scholarship Fund

The University of Michigan-Flint continued its nationally recognized efforts to serve returning military veterans in 2012 with the establishment of new scholarship funding. Recognizing the need to provide assistance to student veterans, the university has directed funds from the State of Michigan university license plate sales to contribute to the Student Veteran’s Scholarship Fund. The determination of awards is based upon financial need, with the level of individual G.I. Bill benefits taken into account. A new UM-Flint license plate from the State of Michigan costs $35 plus the standard registration fee.
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U-M center conducts business incubation workshops around state

The Center for Business Acceleration and Incubation Studies at the U-M’s Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy encourages economic development and diversification through the establishment and promotion of business incubators around the state.

Business incubators are an effective job creation tool; not only generating new places of work but also retaining the community where they were created. They increase the survival rate of new businesses from an average of 20 percent to 80 percent. In addition, 84 percent of businesses that "graduate" from incubators remain in the same region 10 years later.

In one recent example, the University partnered with Owosso's Baker College in April to interview entrepreneurs, small business owners and students interested in engaging with regional incubators. It's just one of the many ways in which the University helps assess the feasibility of incubators and determines programmatic and facility resources an incubator should offer.
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Dow and U-M launch innovative sustainability leadership program

Dow Chemical Co. and the U-M are bringing together 300 students from all areas of study to help solve some of the world's most pressing sustainability challenges in a new and unprecedented fellowship program announced this year.

Andrew Liveris, chairman and chief executive officer of Dow, and U-M President Mary Sue Coleman announced that Dow will provide a gift of $10 million during the next six years to support the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program at U-M.

This real-world program will leverage U-M's $1.27 billion research portfolio to engage in and help solve some of the world's most pressing sustainability challenges, while driving innovation in Michigan and around the globe.

The unique structure of the program will bring together a select group of the most promising students and potential future leaders, from natural and social sciences, engineering, business, law, public health, public policy, architecture, urban planning and other disciplines. These graduate and postdoctoral scholars will learn together how to integrate the power of their respective disciplines to help solve sustainability challenges, including energy, climate change, water, food, housing, transportation and health. The program will cultivate nearly 300 leaders in global sustainability.
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U-M doctors provide care at Hurley ER in Flint

The emergency department at Hurley Hospital in Flint sees every imaginable type of injury and illness – and U-M doctors and doctors-in-training are there to help patients using the most advanced knowledge in the field. For years, U-M has provided the medical staff for the Hurley ER, and sent medical residents there to assist in care as they train in the field of emergency medicine. The emergency department is also a valuable place for research, and many studies have been done by U-M researchers who interview ER patients and follow up with them after. For instance, one study found that ER visits could be used as “teachable moments” for at-risk youth.
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Wolverine Caucus taps U-M experts on economy, other topics

U-M alumni and friends who work in and around the State Capitol are welcome to participate in the Wolverine Caucus. Our mission is to provide diverse forums at which U-M friends can meet one another, enjoy fellowship, exchange views, and learn from the world-class talents of the University of Michigan.

Speakers in 2012 included U-M Professor George A. Fulton, a long time participant each January in the Michigan Consensus Revenue Estimating Conferences, who shared his extensive knowledge and insights on Michigan’s economic future.

Other topics covered the Great Lakes, U-M’s historic digitization project, the business of athletics and more.
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